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The benefits of M2M SIM cards

2Advice diversified in 2021 by offering Orange Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM cards.

We offer several IoT and NBiot (Narrowband Internet of Things) subscriptions to better adapt to the needs of your devices using these cards.

By choosing our SIM cards, you also benefit from free access to a platform that allows you to manage the cards and consumption yourself.


They handle extreme temperatures and weather better compared to standard SIM cards


Quick and secure. Worldwide coverage and access to the different service providers.


Cost pooling: a single unified M2M offering. A global invoice for your cards.

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Case study with M2M SIM cards

Our customers use M2M SIM cards in a range of sectors to connect their objects: security, food, mobility, IT, logistics, and more. Discover some of the potential applications.