The 2Advice team

The 2Advice team will be happy to answer your questions and help you implement your digital projects.
When you choose 2Advice, you can count on:

AMaury redant
Founder & Sales
Passionate about (new) technology and immersed in (tele)communications for over 20 years, Amaury took over the company in 2020. He had already been a shareholder for several years. Amaury founded a digital marketing company and heads two companies which manage digital signage end-to-end: from content creation for your screens to screen sales.
Project Manager

Aware of the importance of technology to our societies (which needs no further demonstration) and the potential of its applications, Sarah joined the 2Advice adventure to provide back-office and project management support.


Allan Claes

The team’s technical leader. He is versatile and we can count on him to manage all of the technical aspects of the equipment we sell and to supervise installation. He also manages technical support and repairs in the event of customer issues.

Our showroom at Châtelain

And for the record...

2Advice was founded in 2008 and bought out in 2020 to specialise in the sale and rental of screens for digital signage and digital displays. Thanks to a content management tool (CMS) and a strong supplier network, 2Advice provides support to people and companies that want to promote or communicate via touchscreens or non-touchscreen devices.
2Advice diversified somewhat in 2021 and now also provides Machine-to-Machine SIM cards (M2M) for devices which need to be connected to the internet.