Dynamic display software can be a powerful tool

Our dynamic display software is an increasingly popular tool for companies to improve their customer experience, increase engagement and grow their global sales.

Create dynamic content, personalise layouts and develop interactive experiences that encourage customers to come back.

The main functionality of our dynamic display software:

With digital display software, you can easily create personalised playlists which can combine all types of content (images, videos, docs, PDFs, etc.) to get your audience’s attention.

Content planning can help you share your message with the right audience at the right time, so that your content achieves its full potential. You can choose to publish at certain times of the day or for occasional events.

Send your content to your screens at any time via a web browser.

Content is loaded on the screen via wifi/LAN. It continues to function even if there are interruptions.

Interactive experience examples:

Find the right software for your company:

Standard CDMS:

The easiest way to create appealing content and to display it on your screen. Manage your screens from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Create interactive content (for touchscreens only).

Customised CDMS:

Personalise a CDMS (Content Digital Management System) to meet specific needs. Additional functionality can include APIs to integrate and manage external data.